Byte-By-Byte A Beginner's Look Into Binary Analysis Presentation Slides

Hello all!

Attached to this blog post are the slides for my "Byte-By-Byte A Beginner's Look Into Binary Analysis" presentation given at Roanoke InfoSec Exchange (RISE). In this talk, I go through the basics of Binary Analysis, along with the introduction to basic assembly and some cool tools to use! If you are interested in digging into the deeper levels of executables, take a gander at the slides!

These slides cover the following topics:

  • What is a Binary?
  • How to Read "Raw" Data
  • What are Executables?
  • Looking Through the Dependencies
  • Why Does Compiler Information Matter?
  • Stringing Through the File
  • Assembly: Hard to Learn, Harder to Master
  • Reading Opcodes
  • Getting Help with AI
  • Tools Useful for Binary Analysis
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